Client testimonial

"Self-respect, self-esteem and my own worth were always unknown virtues to me. I learnt to be patient and not to pressure myself. Having the constant stress of not doing enough every moment was despairing. Bringing myself to the inner peace and calm my mind is the biggest gift ever given to me. Now, I can do thinks I never dreamt I could have done. My studies and career are booming, and I have never been fuller with confidence and prosperity. You will find your happiness and peace. 

I used to work very hard to make my parents happy and proud. School, job, internships, it was non-stop. In the end, they were never satisfied. After a few coaching sessions with Michelle, I understood the only one happy and proud needs to be myself. The freedom was astonishing. I could never think I would have been able to achieve so much. You need to understand yourself; you need to know what you worth and what are you capable of. Once mastering this, there is no one else to impression but yourself! Go, make a step forward. Facing it is not easy, but the victory is sweet. 

Michelle, thank you! You were caring and supportive – just what I needed."   Jan F.

Michelle Sucha


Michelle Sucha is a very intuitive and healing coach. Through her coaching presence she guides you gently to uncover your innate wisdom and inner peace. Michelle's spiritual awakening has shown her how to connect and allow clients set their own pace. Her understanding of the simplicity and power of truly listening resonates with her clients. She now has the ability to see through people's stories and their self-inflicted suffering. Michelle is co-creator and consultant trainer at Wisdom Guides

Declan Stout

Declan Stout is a Certified Professional Coach since 2007. Whilst training under Jack Pransky he discovered the power of Deep Listening and how your inner wisdom has the answers you need. He has explored how holding the right space is very important in allowing people hear themselves. Finding your own true nature first enables you to connect from your heart and not your head. Understanding what can get in the way takes you beyond Deep Listening to a place of love and compassion.

Client testimonials

"Declan is so warm and wise and big-hearted and light-hearted that the space he provides is built of those qualities and always feels safe. From that supported place it is easier for you to look at your story and see possibilities that were hidden from you before." J. Armstrong

"Declan is one of the most intuitive, gentle and generous Souls I have had the honour to meet . He is invested in helping humanity,,,," S. Constantine

"Working with Declan is very interesting. His genius lies in disguising wisdom in common sense. Rather than throwing a whole pile of information at me, he guides my thoughts by asking the right questions that move me past my mental blocks." S. Faller