The Three Principles Philosophy


Sydney Banks, in 1973, had an enlightenment of how life works. This has become known as the 3 Principles of Thought, Mind and Consciousness. His philosophy is difficult to articulate and has been interpreted in diverse ways. However it is not a prescription for a happier life, just a description of who is the thinker behind our thoughts. This Understanding has helped some people find a different way of dealing with life. A problem arises when people try to continue to figure out how to apply the 3P's to solve everything.

Our ego mind quite cleverly points us to make sense of this intellectually. That's a search that takes us away from asking who we truly are. Sydney Banks was pointing us to the Love we are all made of. Let's just explore in that direction, feel the truth of our experience and let go of our stories. We are all perfectly capable of being at peace when we realize the simplicity of who we really are already. We are made of Love so we are here without having to seek anywhere else.